Save my blazer!
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Laundryfilter: Stain remover stained my favorite blazer? The dry cleaner has failed. Help!

I got two tiny, rice-grain-sized spatters of catsup on my white blazer. I immediately attacked the spots with a Shout Wipe in an attempt to prevent the stain from setting. Then I noticed that the label said "dry clean only," which I assume is because it has a synthetic lining (the outer fabric is 100% cotton). I took it to the dry cleaners the next day. The areas where the fabric was dampened by the Shout were sort of dingy and yellowish although the actual catsup dots were near-invisible.

Two cycles through the dry cleaners later, the two inch circles from where the Shout dampened the fabric are still visible. Is it too late to try washing it in water? Has the stain remover stained my blazer? If it cannot be saved I'm going to have a tailor rip it up and make a copy -- I love it that much.

Any advice?
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If the stained part is 100% white cotton, can't you just bleach it? Make a mild bleach solution and scrub the stains using an old toothbruh or something.
My sister did this with an expensive kid's dress (stained with chocolate) and it worked like a charm.
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Or Oxyclean - spot treat it with a mild solution, the same as above.
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