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Windows XP: When I Click "User Accounts" nothing happens.

I am logged in as Administrator, but when I try to access the User Accounts (there are no other created accounts on this computer) nothing happens. No error message, no hang, no delay, no process running that I would associate with this function, just click and it sits there looking at me like I never did anything. I have tried to google for similar problems, but had trouble coming up with responses as I have no error message I can match up with.
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Best answer: There is another way to create a new account.

1. right click on My Computer
2. select Manage
3. Click on Local Users and Groups
4. Right Click on Users
5. Make a new user

Then try going back into User Accounts in the Control Panel to change the icons and stuff.
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you should still be able to get to User Accounts even if there's only one user. barring the possibility that you've got a virus or something on there, there may be a group policy that's preventing you from viewing it. try typing control userpasswords from the Run item and see what error message you get. (you don't say if this is a fresh install, or if this is on a machine located on a domain of some sort - if it's either, then this is weird, as group policies aren't something you just stumble on.)
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Is this XP Home or XP Professional? If Pro, is the machine a domain member?
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Best answer: Another way to add a user:

Start menu, choose run and enter: net user sophist password /add
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Something else I just remembered: I've seen odd behaviour with the User Accounts control panel caused by messed-up security group membership; if a user is removed from the local security group "Users", it won't show up in the control panel or in the Welcome screen. I'm not sure what would happen if all users became removed from this group.

Use "net help localgroup" to figure out how to check if this is related to your problem.
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