How to rejoin hjsplit files on a Mac?
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Files split with hjsplit: is there any way to rejoin them on my Mac, without using Mac Joiner?

I'm running 10.4.5, and Mac Joiner wants me to have a version of Classic that I don't have. Any other solutions?
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Mac OS X 10.4.5 includes an installation of Java — you can run Java applications.

HJSplit for Java is a Java application and will run natively under OS X 10.4.5. No Classic installation is needed.

This application will rejoin split files.
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on the off chance that the files are simply split up with no markings or modifications in the parts, would it be possible to do this with cat and >>? if it's only a few files, (make backups) and try this in a terminal window in the files' directory:

cat secondpart >> firstpart
cat thirdpart >> firstpart
cat lastpart >> firstpart

and then see if the resulting file (firstpart) is valid. one could also use a bash script, but for that i'd need to know the naming convention.

disclaimer: IANA mac user, but i don't see why this wouldn't work if the files are split cleanly.
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I tried JAxe but it didn't want to run; the GUI version launched, at least. I've misplaced the files so am getting them again, will let you know if that works, thanks! If not, I'll try the second option, thank you for that as well.
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E Pluribus Unum is a simple, free app that joins pretty much anything I've thrown at it.
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Split&Concat also works well.
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I forgot to mention that Split&Concat is a universal binary, if that matters to you.
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JAxe still doesn't work, but the GUI Java application performed quite adequately. E Pluribus Unum didn't seem to want to split, sorry. I'll check out Split&Concat too to see how it works. Thanks for all the help - will be passing this info along.
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MacHacha is a more elegant alternative to Split&Concat.
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Do it by prompt as kaytwo said. It's free, and using the prompt never hurt you anyways. FWIW, I'm running 10.4.5 on a Powerbook.
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kaytwo's method is the hard way.

Just copy all the files into a new subdirectory somewhere. (make sure to make copies, so you don't damage the originals.)

Normally, file splitters will name the parts so that they are automatically sorted when you list the directory. So all you have to do is:

cd directoryinquestion
cat * >joinedfile

If the splitter was stupid and didn't name them in sort order, then you'd have to:

cat firstfile secondfile thirdfile fourthfile ... >joinedfile

You can use tab completion on the filenames, so it should take only a few seconds to type.

If the splitter was extra-stupid and added padding bytes or other such garbage, then the joined file might be corrupt... which is why you made copies, no? :)
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MacHacha = perfect for this. jjg speaks the truth.
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Thanks for all the additional advice; I checked out MacHacha too and it's another good solution, thank you.

I appreciate all the other advice too, but to be honest I'd far prefer having a program rather than doing it by prompt; I know it's not complicated, but I'd rather not mess around with terminals. :)
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