gifts for wedding attendants?
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I'm getting married next Saturday. I don't know what to get the two women who are standing up with me. We are 30 something women (technically cheating for me). Both quite artsy. I can't (or don't feel competent) buying jewelry or art or books for them (though that's what they like). Any ideas?

One lives in Wicker Park/Bucktown Chicago, the other in in Oakland, CA.
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I've had luck giving those oversized scarf/shawl/not-as-expensive-as-a-pashmina things. All you really have to know is a favorite (or suitable - or matches-your-wedding-color) color. I've taken to stocking up on them when I find unusual colors or good deals.

I also like to give an empty-save-for-one-commemorative-charm charm bracelet. Almost every person I've gifted says "I always wanted a charm bracelet".

Services are nice. Mani/pedi/spa days/massages.

Beautiful paper goods, like a journal or some super-nice personal stationery that they would never buy for themselves.

I'm really telling you what *I* would like for a present...
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I know you said you don't feel competent buying jewelry, but are the maid of honor/bridesmaids already wearing a specific piece of jewelry? If they are, you could buy a matching piece of jewelry, which is a pretty easy purchase. For example, when I was the maid of honor for a friend, I and the bridesmaids wore pearl necklaces. The bride bought us all pearl bracelets to match. It was such a wonderful gift and I always think of her wedding when I wear it now.
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I bought jewelry from for my bridesmaids and they loved them. I have a necklace and I always get comments on it. And again, all you need is a color scheme.....
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I got my bridesmaids cuff bracelets (to be worn whenever, not necessarily the wedding) with their initials and the date of the wedding engraved on the inside of them. The engraving might take a bit of time, though.
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I agree. Get them each a nice cosmetic bag or something and enclose a gift certificate for a massage or other spa service.

My bridesmaids are a bit younger and share my sense of humor, so I got them monogrammed pink faux-leather flasks, along with some other stuff that was just for fun.
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I got mine tote bags with their names on them and a hunter green fleece blanket (hunter green was the main color, blanket tucked into the bag). I was also not big on the jewelry or other foofoo things, so these gifts matched my personality and I figured they would be usable for my friends.
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Some of the coolest things I got for being a bridesmaid were: an engraved silver compact; a Tiffany's purse pen; a massage certificate; and framed photo of me with the bride. But I also think has lovely stuff for the bath.
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hmmm... that should've been Lush. Oopsie.
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I got my girls really cute totes at Borders ($12) and the Bridal Party collection from Philosophy (link.)

Still looking for other little goodies to add to it--definitely getting them necklaces, don't know about what else.
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I ended up getting these robes. They were a big hit. I want one of my own.
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I'm going to mark this as best answer so the thread is answered. Thanks for all of the suggestions.
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