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I have an application called OEscan.exe which runs intermittently, and hangs my system (XP SP2). Google produces 2 identical questions to mine, but no answers. I have a feeling it's related to SpamCatcher. Can anyone enlighten me?
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If you find the exe in Explorer, right-click and select properties, perhaps the Version tab will have some more info - it often contains data about the company that created the program.
posted by matthewr at 3:34 PM on June 12, 2006

Is it this? (found via this search).

The licence agreement for that code does allow it to be used for any purpose, so it's conceivable that SpamCatcher has embedded it.

It's also conceivable that there's some malware installed on your box that's done so.

I'd try searching for oescan.exe, renaming it to oescan.exe.renamed, and seeing what (if anything) breaks.
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You could also use PerfMon or FileMon or similar to look at what it's actually doing.
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I can't think of any reason why an anti-spam program would need to do anything like that in the background.

Myself, I use a free program called K9 which works extremely well. Very recommended, and it has never caused me any trouble.

Since I don't speak Hungarian I can't tell what that page says it's doing, but the mere fact that it has something to do with "Outlook Express" raises all kinds of alarm bells. Whatever it's trying to do, it can't be good.
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Steven, there's an English flag on that page; click it and you get English text.
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Response by poster: Got it! The application is called OEscan, but the process is OEscanner.exe - it is a Spamcatcher file. I don't know why it's hanging, Guess I'm going to delete this (trial) version and try some other antispam program.
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