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I am enjoying using Google Calendar, but I still love my DayRunner. I would really like to be able to print out monthly and/or weekly calendars with the gcal information, but in a 8.5"x5.5" DayRunner format, complete with word wrapping so I can read each event. Here's what I've tried so far:

Gcal printouts come up as pdfs that could be usable if only the text wrapped around instead of having one cut-off line per event.
Mozilla Sunbird has no printing options yet.
My Outlook is 2002/XP and doesn't seem to have Day-runner friendly print options, so synching there wouldn't be worth it; ditto for Palm Desktop.
D*I*Y has great templates, but no sychronizing that I can figure out.

Since I'd only be printing about once a week, I don't mind using a separate program to synch and print from.
I don't want to have to pay for anything either, if possible.

It seems like this would be so common, I must be missing some obvious solution. Help!
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It seems like this would be so common, I must be missing some obvious solution.

Well you have alot of requirements, so the solution won't be easily obvious.

Ok, here are the steps that you are looking for and it shouldn't cost you anything.

1. Export google calender to xml.
2. Convert xml to csv. Excel (you could print it off from excel here) I'm pretty sure that Open Office can do this as well.
You'll have to do some manipulation here to get the fields that you need.

3. Import csv into Time and Chaos 5 (free.) under legacy products
4. Print. -- Time and Chaos has very customizable printing options.

Now you owe me beer and a foot rub.
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If you have a server running you can use phpiCal for really nice HTML formatting. KOrganizer also does a good job with printing without your having to get a new application; it runs on Linux but I'm not sure about other OSs.
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