Appledore Island? Ever heard of it? Know where to get a tshirt?
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So, the lady friend once spent some time doing research on Appledore Island. The tshirt she got when she was there is in need of replacement. Any idea where/how to get an Appledore Island tshirt? I found the group that manages the island but there's no link to buy stuff... Any thoughts?
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Not trying to be snarky, but you could, y'know, call them. Their phone number is on the website.
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Yes -- call the Shoals Marine Laboratory. A phone call to folks at the Isles of Shoals Steamship Company might also help. I'm sure a local can provide advice.
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Scan/copy the image off the old tshirt and print it up online somewhere.
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'site:' is very useful in your search fu.
searching for " shirt" i found things like:

Other points of interest for Appledore over-nighters:
* SML buildings are not regularly heated.
* Appledore Island does not have a grocery or pharmacy, but there is a very small “store” in
the main dining hall. The Appledore Store stocks SML t-shirts, sweatshirts, cards, postcards,
marine related books and field guides, stamps and some film.

good luck!
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While you're at it, you should pick up t-shirts for Smuttynose and Lunging as well.
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Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce may also have some ideas on where to get Appledore/Celia Thaxter related goods.
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I am pretty familiar with the Shoals Marine Lab, despite not having actually studied there myself. My suggestion is that you call the Appledore Island lab [(603) 964-9011] and see if there's someone there that would be kind enough to ship a t-shirt to an alum. You're unlikely to be able to order one online anywhere. I have a lot of "marine lab" t-shirts and they are typically small run affairs that you can really only buy at the lab.
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