What are some decent latin nightlife spots in Philadelphia, PA?
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What are some decent latin nightlife spots in Philadelphia, PA? Currently I am aware of Brazils Nightclub and Cafe Havana.
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I seem to recall a free Spanish-language daily from my time in Philadelphia called Al Dia - They had a number of ads for nightclubs catering to the local Latin community.

Also both Pasion and Las Cazuelas Tambien restaurants in Center City have the occasional DJ and dance floor action as well.
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• Lolita
• Cuba Libre
• El Vez
• Alma de Cuba
• Tequila's

Less glamorous are the Mexican and South American restaurants around the Italian Market on 9th and Washington, but the food is excellent.
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I wouldn't call the Mexican restaurants in South Philly "nightlife", though we do have an awful lot of awesome food down here.

The places that Mr. Six listed are Latin-inspired restaurants with varying levels of nightlife-ness, but are absolutely not clubs. Lolita is particularly great Latin-fusion food, but is just a small BYO restaurant. El Vez and Alma are trendy restaurants with a buzzing bar scene.

Cuba Libre does have some DJ/dancing action, though if you're in Old City, Brasil's is better.

Las Cazueles Tambien is closed, but their original location at 4th and Girard is going strong. There's more dancing up that way around/on N. 5th St. I seem to recall that Tierra Columbiana (4535 N. 5th) hosted musicians at some point?
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Monte Carlo throws a good party every other Thursday night. $10 cover though, and drinks are expensive.
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Good call on Al Dia. I completely forgot about that paper. I was also unaware that Tierra had musicians.
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Also, a bit out of your area, but check out Reading, PA if you get a chance. There is a huge Latin population, and bits of the city are starting to reflect it.
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