Websites that display user-entered text.
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Would like to see examples of web applications that display user-entered text in a chosen font. In other words, I choose a font from a menu, enter text in a field, click text is displayed in the font I chose.
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Like this?
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The Adobe site lets you preview its font collections with text of your choosing. Here's an example.
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There's this, too.
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Veer has flont but you need to be logged in to use it, and I'm pretty sure it's Flash.
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Are you interested in how you might produce an image of some text on the server? If so then this might be what you're looking for.

I wrote an example program in Python using cairo, then discovered to my chagrin that I don't have 'cairo' on my external web server, so I can't make a "live demo" as it were.

I'll put the source code for it online anyway. It's written as a plain old CGI script, nothing fancy:
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You could probably do something like this with SIFR.
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If you're going to use a CGI script to call a command line program to render the type (as in the case in the article I'm linking) be VERY VERY careful about the input. This page is a good resource for getting in the mindset of writing secure cgi scripts:
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