Water, water everywhere...
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I once saw a projection lamp that projected a scene of water as it would appear cascading down a flat pane of glass, on the ceiling. Help me find what I was looking at!

Years ago, I was at an event that had a few neat lighting features. Amongst them was what looked like some sort of projector that was displaying a "live" image of water (or oil, I suppose) beading and pouring down the surface. Projected onto the ceiling, this was an awesome effect.

Now, I've seen things like this that cast a shimmering, under-the-pool look, but I'm looking more for this sort of design, except more frenzied, and in a self-contained unit.

Any ideas where I can find such a thing? Searching Google for "water projector" and other effects terminology is returning cluttered results with those shimmering Water Wave II type devices...

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Hmm, there's an interactive water table on this page, but it doesn't seem to be flowing per se. Is it a similar type of thing?
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Most of the lighting for 60's era concerts was produced by placing a trey of colored water and oil on a simple overhead projector, similar to the technique in your second link. Perhaps that's exactly what you saw.

I don't think it'd be too hard to turn it into a self contained unit. The oil and water mix would have to be sealed off somehow, and you'd need to create some mechanism to agitate the mix. Those 60's light shows were done on the fly with lots of eyedroppers, etc. I think that provides for a much better result.
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@afx237vi: Nope, nothing so high tech. Much more like my second link.

@aladfar: Those look a lot like the regular oil/water lamps/projectors I've found. This was definitely a display as if you were under a pane of glass, like a skylight, getting rained upon, with the water then trickling down it.
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Lazyfilter on: Mathmos projector? Unfortunately fits your oil comment above, but best I could do ;0)
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