Insect eggs?
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Please help me identify these insect (or arachnid) eggs. They appear in patches on the exterior of my house, and also in some indoor cabinets.

Here's a photo, with my hand for scale. This is a photo of a new batch, and the eggs look spherical. Older patches appear flatter, perhaps due to drying.

Bonus question: Is there a good website that shows various photos of insect and arachnid eggs? I couldn't find one, and would like a guidebook-like website.
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Those a probably some sort of insect, and the flat ones are likely ones that already hatched. Why don't you get some in a jar and see what they hatch in to?
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Best answer: What's that bug has a few egg pictures.
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Best answer: Looks like moth eggs I've seen though it would be hard to tell the species just from the eggs.

They are not spider eggs because spiders build nests for their babies.
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Response by poster: Thanks Scubba and Monkey, they definitely match up with the moth eggs photos. What a relief, we imagined they were something more harmful.
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we imagined they were something more harmful.

If they are say tomato hornworm eggs, then that many catepillars can eat like 6 whole tomato plants. So they could be "harmful" in that sense.
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