Cambridge, MA laundromats?
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Does anyone know of any Cambridge, MA self-serve laundromats that have WiFi?

Cambridge outskirts are ok too. Preferably the wireless would be offered free (or for a fee) by the laundromat, as opposed to being available since the guy who lives above the laundromat forgot to secure his network.

Barring the existence of wireless enabled laundromats, anyone have experience with Cambridge laundry places with otherwise novel or exciting features? (Open all night, super new/shiny machines, humanoid robots, etc.)
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The Showcase Laundromat on Somerville Ave in Somerville is next to a Starbucks. It's not free, but if you buy into the T-Mobile there, it works in the laundromat.
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Free wifi in MA.
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I'm not sure about the reach of the signal, but there is a tiny laundromat a few doors down from Darwin's (148 Mt. Auburn). Darwin's has free wireless, you just need to sign in.
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