Help my jeans not look geeky
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How can I make my jeans cuffs look like normal, store-bought jeans cuffs?

So I bought these jeans at an op-shop and they fit perfectly. Only problem is that the former owner took up the cuffs and they look geeky. Is there anything you can do to jeans cuffs to make them look, well, normal?
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You can re-hem them with another pair's, I suppose.. that's generally how you'd hem jeans like this, keeping the original hem (it's reattached after being cut off). Original hem instructions. I have no idea how match-able they would be.
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Take them to a hemming shop. Ask them to take down the seam and re-do it with a blue jean hem. It costs a little more ($2.50 at my favourite shop), but it doesn't look nerdy.
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Best answer: You could also just have at them with a little fine-grain sandpaper. When I re-hem my own jeans, I sand the new hem so they don't look like my mommy hemmed them for me.

I've done the cut off, sew back on method and it's just way more trouble.
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I think this is what you need - I have a pair to do, too.
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