How does one buy a race horse?
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My boss has asked me to find out how one goes about buying a race horse. I've suggested she perhaps considers a share through a syndicate and have found a few books through amazon, but does anyone have any practical advice as to reliable sources of information, reliable potential trainers or anything else she might need to consider? We're in the UK and she'd be looking to purchase here - I suspect this will make a difference to advice.
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One suggestion only, based on the experiences of people I have spoken to - don't.
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Response by poster: Thanks dg, I have been trying to talk her out of it - I know she'd be gutted if they had to have it put down, but her partner is very keen.
For a moment there I thought I was going to get no advice whatsoever.
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Well...if you can't talke her out of it...(and I'm not sure I would try...I'd love to own a racehorse)...the syndicate way of owning a horse is by far the most cost effective and less hit and miss way of doing business.

There are plenty of groups trying to make this more affordable and understandable - one that I know of (and am considering) is the Alan Brazil Racing Club - he's an ex footballer who now presents a breakfast radio show on a sports talk station in the UK.

Other than that some race horse syndicates:

Cartmel Syndicate
Mark Kilner
Alan Bailey


RaceHorse Trainers Index
Newmarket (Headquarters...) Trainers
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damn...spelling mistakes...and hitting post too early!

Good luck with it though...when I get some spare money...I'll be joining in!
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