How do I use a Palm handheld to synchronize between Lotus and Exchange?
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Is it possible to use one Palm-based handheld to synchronize Lotus Organizer at work (for contacts and calendar) and Microsoft Exchange at home? Or two different Exchange servers (we may be migrating to Exchange soon at work)?
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Yes, it works fine. Install sync software at both sites and go to town.
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Response by poster: And I'm assuming you set up "PC overwrites handheld" so that the office doesn't get my grocery list? Huh. I'll try it out. Thanks.
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You have an Exchange server at home? Did you mean outlook?
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I know several guys with Exchange servers at home -- though only one with anything less than reluctance -- but it's not ridiculous for folks who, for example, are MSDN subscribers.

Also, don't forget that the mail client that shipped with Win95 was called "Exchange," even though it had POP support.

In any case, how you configure overwriting is up to you. In the configuration I used, it was work syncs to palm, palm overwrites home. Basically, I was just lugging my contacts and calendar home, with work and palm being "authoritative" and the copy at home just that: a copy. But I didn't mind keeping the master copy of my grocery list at work, either.

Before that, when I was using Intellisync, I was doing a double-ended synchronization. That was cool, because I could make an edit anywhere and it would sync to the other places appropriately. I don't know if the current version of PocketMirror permits this. I know the crusty version that came with my old Palm VII doesn't.

These days I just run a backup sync at home but don't have it hooked up to anything. At least that way if I blow up my palm on the weekend (not an uncommon occurrance if I'm fooling around with it) I don't have to go to work to restore it.
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Response by poster: I've been using Chapura at home, which lets me synch two calendars (one for me, one for the family) from my Exchange server). That software allows you to do subfolders for contacts and calendars...

So, I guess I can make my work stuff the main folder that I sync with, since the software for Lotus syncing doesn't support more than one folder, and I can sync at home with those folders being subfolders.

Anyhow, I'll give it a shot. I know it sounds silly, but I'd much rather carry around one PDA than two.
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