Which online retailers will ship a bottle of bubbly to Hawaii?
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I'm looking to send a bottle of bubbly to some newlyweds in Hawaii (Maui), however they're not staying at a fancy resort with this kind of amenity, so I figured I'd send something directly to their cottage. I'm looking for a site like wine.com (they don't ship to Hawaii) where you can buy a bottle online and ship it directly, or a winery who does the same thing.
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K&L ships champagne to HI.
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Maui Wine makes a few sparklers, and shipping within Hawaii is probably more reasonably priced. If you're looking for literal Champagne, though, you might be better off looking through the yellow pages for wine stores on their island. Cheers...
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Why not order something local? There is Maui's Winery and I'm sure you could give some local liquor stores a call and have them deliver it directly.
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Heh, pants beat my pants off on that post.
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Even simpler, call the hotel.
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Try Tamura's or possibly Wine Stop or HASR.

If you're willing to go with icewine instead, Vin Glace is excellent.

These are all local stores.
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