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I'm currently working towards my MCSE and am looking for some good (hopefully free) resources as far as Skills Assesment or trainers are concerned- Googling for it only turns up pages and pages of ads. If you've gotten your MSCSE or any of the MS Certification tests what resources did you find most helpful?
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There's tons of the shady stuff out on the P2P networks, probably the least ethical and most informative.
posted by will at 12:02 PM on December 16, 2003

The transcender exams are very good for the Pro and Server certs, while the Network infrastructure exam is better served by the test king resources. Both of these are, as will said, available in the nether regions of the intarweb.
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A frontal labotomy is generally quite useful before you sit the MCSE tests. *hears hissing and booing* Oh come on, laugh! *ba-doom-ching*

Further to will's comment, there's a lot of shady stuff on the IRC networks too. Try #bookz on your favorite network, and you're bound to find tons of MCSE books.. er, I didn't just say that though.
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