Honeymoon in St. Barth (St. Bart)
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Can anyone recommend places to stay in St. Barth for a honeymoon? There are tons of villas and hotels but its hard to tell the difference from descriptions on the net. Thanks.
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Villas are the best value proposition but it is very difficult to make quality judgements from the real estate ads...the only time we rented a villa there, we had seen the place on a previous visit. IMO, there are two great honeymoon hotels on the island...the choice depends on what you are looking for. If you want to see and be seen and run with the party crowd, Eden Rock is the spot. It is an amazing location and there is always a party. If you want something a little more private and peaceful, stay at Guanahani. It is the definition of honeymoon hotel. If your budget can bear it, they have hillside bungalows with small private pools that are like your own private residence with all of the luxury hotel amenities. You can also choose a "relatively" less expensive beach cottage.

The island is a wonderful place, but as I assume you know, can be wildly expensive. A few recommendations...make sure you rent a car...you will want to visit every beach and eat at a different restaurant every night...take bug repellant...fly through St Martin...the small plane landing at the airport enhances the adventure.
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