Yummy german recipes?
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GermanFoodFilter: Do you have the recipe for a creamy dill dressing that my host mother used to serve with cucumbers or bibb lettuce? What about the sauce she served with white asparagus? Others?

I did an exchange thing in Germany many years ago and while I found most of my host mother's food pretty bland, there were two sauces that I loved and can't seem to replicate.

The first is a salad dressing that was creamy and had lots of dill in it. I googled many variations of "german cucumber salad" and the recipes I found were for a thicker dressing using sour cream. I tried it last night, and it wasn't what I am looking for. Do any you have any suggestions?

The second was a creamy sauce served with white asparagus. Similar Hollandaise sauce, but I don't think there were any eggs in it.

And if you don't know either of these and feel like contributing, I wouldn't mind having easy recipes for kartoffelpuffe or Apfelkuchen (I am sure I spelled those wrong).

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This is how I make creamy dill dressing, and I got this recipe from an old German woman who is a friend of my MIL, so this might be what you're looking for.

2 tbsp plain yogurt
2 tbsp mayo
1 tbsp fresh dill
1 tsp sugar
2 tbsp cider vinegar
1/2 tsp mustard
some salt and pepper to taste

Just mix it all together. Makes about half a cup, but can easily be doubled.

Note - I strongly recommend using fresh dill as opposed to dried, although it's acceptable if you can't get fresh. I see you live in DC, so herb plants are still available in stores like Lowes, in your area. Buy one or two, you won't regret it. Also, if you find this recipe a bit on the sweet side, use a little less sugar, or none at all.
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I just found this variation as well - something else for you to try.
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My Polish grandmother makes this, but her version sounds more like what you tried but didn't like. I don't know the proportions, but the ingredients she uses include:

sour cream
cider vinegar
thinly sliced onion
fresh dill
salt & sugar to taste
sometimes minced garlic or garlic powder

You might want to try substituting plain yoghurt for the sour cream. That should yield a thinner, milder sauce.
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I had dishes with a creamy green sauce in Frankfurt, where it's a specialty, but I don't know whether it was just dill that made it green.
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my family makes one that is pretty much just heavy cream, vinegar, major salt and some dill. the issue would be that it is done to taste so i can't really give you a receipe.
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I would second miagaille's Polish recipe, without the onion and potential garlic. In my experience there is only enough sour cream to mix with the little bit of vinegar and the water from the cucumbers to make it saucy, without being thick or too creamy. Also, dissolving the sugar in the vinegar first also seems to cut down on the viscosity of the sour cream.
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You need to find Knorr Salat-Krönung Dill-Kräuter. Since you're in DC, you're close to the German Gourmet in Fall's Church.
They don't list Knorr on their website but they do have 'seasoning packets'.
The mixes are easy and taste just as good as something you can make yourself. They also have mixes for kartofelbrot
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