LDAP Netgroups Help?
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I am looking for information on setting LDAP based netgroups for a fedora core multi-user environment. We are currently using a listfile setup, but would like to migrate to LDAP. I have a couple of books and searched all over google, but have not found a good tutorial to do this. Nate
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I don't know "fedora core multi-user environment." but I do know LDAP. We run some large systems with LDAP for all userdata, mailrouting, aliases, forwards etc. Software is postfix, but can do qmail too, and dovecot. Both those are easy to set up.

For FTP we used pure-ftpd. Squirrelmail talks IMAP so that didn't even need LDAP support.

Apache uses double-hash, so it needs no vhost/domain info in conf file at all, just looks for the hashed directory if it exists.

If this is similar to what you are asking, just ask for specifics.
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