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I'm trying to decide between extending my current Globat hosting and signing up for a particularly alluring GoDaddy plan. Given the gulf between the prices for their respective entry-level products, I'm thinking that there has to be a catch somewhere. Plan comparison follows:

Storage Space25 GB5 GB(Have yet to use more than 100 MB thus far)
Bandwidth / Month300 GB250 GB(Have yet to use more than 2 GB / Month thus far)
E-Mail AddressesUnlimited500(I use only three at any given time.)
Scripting/DBPHP/MySQLPHP/MySQL(I use both extensively.)
Cost / Month (3 yr. Commitment)$5.95$2.79

Is there something about GoDaddy that outweighs the substantial savings I'd receive by switching?
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Response by poster: Uh huh.

There was a table there on preview.
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evariste thinks GoDaddy is the worst host in the world.
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Well, GoDaddy's reputation isn't exactly stellar in general, and their politics have been somewhat controversial. Having said that, I'm not sure you can characterize saving three whole dollars as being "substantial savings". It's a minor discount on a low-value product.
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Globat is able to go so low because they oversell their capacity, ie. they're selling you 25GB on the premise that you'll never actually use it all. Depending on what you're using your hosting for, this may or may not affect you. If you're doing commerce or any type of mission-critical service where uptime and prompt customer service is crucial, I'd stay away from them. If you're just hosting a blog and some files, I don't think it's a big problem.

Here's the thread on Globat at WebHostingTalk. More threads on Globat at WHT.

GoDaddy is huge so their uptime is supposed to be good though low on feature variety. Support gets mixed reviews. GoDaddy threads on WHT.

As majick said, it's not a whole world of difference in pricing. Over the span of 3 years, the difference is only $108.
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Response by poster: Hmm...

Thank you, people. Globat's advertising/renewal tactics always struck me as sort of fishy, and though uptime and performance have both been acceptable, discovering the extent to which they oversell bandwidth/hosting space pretty much has me convinced to switch to GoDaddy... especially given GoDaddy's in-house options for VPS / Dedicated servers when it comes time to upgrade.

Apart from suspect customer support practices (I probably won't need much support), the only foreseeable issue is possible incompatibility with my Movable Type installation and (light) use of PHP/SQL in my pages.
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just for those of a particular political bent, apparently godaddy's CEO is a big supporter of the iraq war and a bush fan.

just sayin'.
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