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Hello all, A friend of mine recently completed his feature film as well as a short film which he had premiere at a few indie theaters. He is wondering what other sites such as IMDB allow users to submit their movie information? IMDB seems to be rather tough and not so kind on small and upcoming film makers, so I guess I'm trying to help him find 'other' film/info sites with likes of IMDB. Thanks in advance!
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Watching how my fiancee works (she writes about film), I think the most important web site may be your own. Seems to me the two resources she primarily uses are IMDB and Google.

Here is her open letter to indy/low-budget filmmakers. It has some specific suggestions on what she needs to get info about your film into print.
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Isn't there an imdb "pro" membership that you can buy? If so, doesn't that allow for editing of the content?
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