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What are some good moderate-sized, alternative-y music festivals in the US along the lines of Intonation?
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Desdemona. Can't vouch for it, as this is the first year, but the lineup is very promising. A few of the same acts as Intonation.
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OK, I swear that worked in preview. Here's the fixed link.
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All Tomorrow's Parties occasionally shows up in the US.
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Bonnaroo in Tennessee, though I don't know how alternative it's considered to be.
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Austin City Limits a bit large, but they're branching out ever more into more "alternative" areas.
CMJ Music Marathon Since last year has been geared much more towards fans than industry types.
ResFest Music The closest this seems to come to you is Los Angeles and it's more on the electronic side, but they might add a date nearer to you in the future.

There's always the UK trio of Reading, Leeds and Glastonbury, if you feel like getting out that way, or Pukkelpop in the Netherlands, if you feel even more out of the way.
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There's also Street Scene in San Diego in August. Moderately alternative.
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There's also the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago. Although Pitchfork curated/sponsored last year's Intonation, this year they have their own. It's kind of confusing. But not too confusing.
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never been, but i'll through Wakarusa onto the list.
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Bumbershoot in Seattle
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I was just at the Sasquatch Festival this past weekend at the The Gorge in Washington state. Beautiful setting. Some great bands too.

Shame about the massive hailstorm this year though.
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