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How much is 1 Ton of One Hundred Dollar Bills worth?

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First result on Google.
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So 1 gram per note means you have 454 notes per pound. 2000 pounds x 454 x 100 ... and you've got your answer: 90,800,000 clams.
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All U.S. bills weigh one gram. One ton is about 907,185 grams. 907,185 * $100 = $90,718,500.
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A variation:

1 metric tonne = 1000000g

1000000g * $100 = $100000000 or $100 million
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That obviously assumes that the bills are brand new and clean.
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I was curious as to the volume that one ton of bills would occupy. According to this page (which also confirms the 1g per bill mass) the dimensions of a bill are 2.61 by 6.14 by 0.0043 inches.

So 907,185 bills would occupy around 62,500 cubic inches, or 36.2 cubic feet. That would be a solid cube of about 3 feet 4 inches on each side.
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It depends upon what kind of dollars the ton weighs. For gold-standard bills of current circulation, Optimus Chyme's calculations would be correct. Silver-certificate bills, of good or better quality, with George Washington's likeness (~1929-1963) could net 5 to 6 times the value of current currency. These were the fabled "In Silver We Trust" paper issues prized by collectors.
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So 907,185 bills would occupy around 62,500 cubic inches, or 36.2 cubic feet.

About the size of a mattress. I need to get rich and fulfill the capitalist dream :)
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However, each doll of bills (i.e. 100 100s=10gs) will be most probably tightened by some sort of plastic/paper. Throw that into the account as well!
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