What would you do if $730 (US) fell into your lap unexpectedly?
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What would you do if $730 (US) fell into your lap unexpectedly? I want to surprise my wife with something really cool and unexpected, but my creativity is on its annual holiday vacation.
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Uhhh... what does she enjoy doing? In the absence of that information, I would probably buy a Weimaraner puppy or a Tonkinese kitten.
posted by stonerose at 11:05 AM on December 15, 2003

Well, vraxoin, that sort of depends on what your wife is interested in. :-) Can you give us a bit more information?

Speaking as a girl, btw, fine jewelry is almost always an appropriate gift ... but different women like different things. (I wear pendants, for example, but not rings or bracelets or earrings. Your wife, I'm sure, has different jewelry habits.)

And don't think that the Mall is the only place to by nice jewels. Check your local yellow pages and find a place that specializes in 'Estate Jewelry' (unless, of course, you don't think she'd like that....)
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Plane tickets? Maybe you could plan a quiet weekend for two at a bed and breakfast.
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Go to a bank and get cash in new bills, preferably with consecutive serial numbers. (Tens will do nicely for the amount you mentioned.) Then go to a printer and have them bind (i.e., glue the ends) of the bills into a book with a cover saying "Universal Gift Certificates". Then take your wife on a shopping spree (TAKE her, don't send her -- she will enjoy your company and you will have a great time watching the clerks decide whether or not to accept the money you rip out of a coupon booklet). Let her choose something(s) she wouldn't normally buy because of the price. She gets something she wants along with the novelty of the booklet of money.
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If I were your wife (which I am...hi, honey...surprise!!) I would like us both to have a day-long mini-spa, followed by a visit to the art museum and a killer dinner.
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I like joaquim's idea a lot.

I also note that your hometown is home to one of the top ten spas in America -- perhaps they could suggest a day package to make her feel like a princess?
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Cool idea, joaquim.

Or a nice trip is always good.
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Austin Aeronauts offer hot air balloon rides, which could be a really fun part of a special day...
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If I were your wife (which I am...hi, honey...surprise!!)

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Vegas, baby. Vegas.
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first, I'd give 73 $ to charity

(or at least I'd buy 30 $ worth of groceries and I'd give them to the homeless)

then I'd use the rest to get her something really unexpected and cool, like a nice weekend in a special place

or a romantic night in a really expensive 5-star hotel, and a spa treatment
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Response by poster: All great suggestions, thanks! The Wife isn't much of a frou-frou fox, so jewelry isn't her thing. She does enjoy a spa visit, but I did that one a couple birthdays ago. She's one of those impossible-to-buy-for practical types who, if SHE got a Christmas bonus, would say excitedly, "Let's put it in savings!" The "universal gift certificate" idea is tempting--my only fear is that she'd race through the mall looking for an ATM to deposit the money into. But I will find a way to give her something impractical and outlandish if it kills me.
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If truly a windfall and you've no need or desire to follow your wife's instinctive lead, consumables are ephemeral pleasures and require no long-term storage, dusting, or maintenance.

For example, your local enthusiast wine merchant would be pleased to exchange any surplus cash for an outlandish bottle of champagne, perhaps with a companion bottle of something extraordinary to complement the lobster/filet/tofu dinner you're going to cook for her. Add a big box of Moonstruck chocolate and a pair of cashmere socks. The socks will be a soft reminder of a moment of deranged extravagence.
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You could give her the practical gift of a Cuisinart with the balance in cash to do with as she pleases or you could give her the most impractical Manolo Blahniks possible.
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Jewelry, man, jewelry. Find something wonderful at an antique shop. Some people are just really happy to receive and wear jewelry from the one they love.
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