Web-Based RSS Reader for Cell Phone?
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Does anyone know of a web-based rss reader that I can access on a crappy cell phone browser?

I have a new web-capable phone (lg VX9800), and I'm having trouble finding an rss reader that will work for me. The browser is not java-enabled, so I don't think I can load the reader onto the phone.

What I am looking for is a web-based rss reader that I ca actually read on the web browser. Basically, the page must not have java or javascript anywhere on it. Does such a thing exist? Has anyone devised a different workaround to this problem?
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Best answer: You could setup an account at Winksite and fill it up with RSS feeds. Works on very basic mobile browsers.
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Response by poster: You are a very good person. This is exactly what I was hoping to find.
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Bloglines (which I love) has a mobile style, as in http://bloglines.com/myblogs
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Google Reader recently added a mobile friendly version of their reader. You can read about it on their official blog post.
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Response by poster: Sub, soundslike:
I had tried out both of those, but neither ever gets past the login page on my browser (on the phone, that is). I think that Verizon cripples the browser on purpose to restrict access to most interesting stuff, and it is a bitch to load software. mikepop's suggestion was the only one I've found that actually rendered.
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There's also an available mobile format for Newsgator Online, which has the advantage of synchronization with their several desktop clients. It's not free (and the synchronization is undergoing some tuning for scaling recently...), but it works well on my T-Mobile and Treo.
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I have Verizon, am using an LG-VX 8100, and the Bloglines mobile works great for me. Never had any problem with it. What model of phone are you using?
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Shameless plug: I built memigo just for this: you get XML feeds, but you also get a version formatted for PDAs: the extra trick: the links (can) go to either printer-friendly or PDA-friendly articles directly. Not an RSS reader per se, but close...
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Glad I searched and found this thread. Cheers.
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