Are there eBay-like sites that host auctions for writing and ad space?
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PublishingAuctionFilter: I'm looking for online, eBay-like auction companies/sites that allow: a) writers to auction articles/books to publishers (of books, magazines, newspapers, websites, whatever); b) publishers to auction licensed articles/books to other publishers (ditto); c) publishers to auction ad space to advertisers (“media buyers,” as they say). I've got one so far: eBay is setting up a system to do C. Anyone have A or B? Thanx.
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I doubt anything like A exists, or if it exists, is useful. Publishers are already overwhelmed by unsolicited submissions, so why would they seek out more?
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I can see A being useful for articles in a rush - "we want an article on this new development in microbiology, eBay one for me would you" etc.
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For articles in a rush, editors will go to trusted freelancers. Usually periodicals have pretty specific ideas of what they want, when they request something, so a pre-written article is unlikely to perfectly fulfill their needs.
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