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GoogleFilter: Is there a quick and easy way to eliminate results from Wikipedia and its many mirrors in Google searches?

I am increasingly annoyed by the tons of Wikipedia mirror junk (dozens of copies of the same Wikipedia articles) showing up in my Google results. Has someone worked up some kind of hack that eliminates the growing list of Wikipedia mirrors from search results? Typing -wikipedia just isn't cutting it any more.
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-"[unusual quote from much-mirrored Wikipedia text]" usually works pretty well.
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or if you want other wiki's but not Wikipedia just use:

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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers so far. I guess what I'm looking for is not so much commands that might be entered manually, but some kind of script/extension that automatically eliminates,,, and all the other mirrors from any Google search. Is there anything like that out there?
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I wouldn't be hard to write a Greasemonkey script to filter the Google results, but you would have to build up the list of mirror sites by hand.
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I love recommending Dave's Quick Search Deskbar, it is the greatest tool ever.

Among so many other things, it allows you to define aliases for common searches. For example, I have defined an alias, yhmf (slightly shortened for readability):
yhmf|yh %s -"All posts tagged with" -"MetaFilter comments by"
If I type
yhmf [search term]
it spawns a new browser window with the yahoo results for [search term], with the added exclusions.

Not exactly what you are looking for, perhaps (who am I kidding, it is what everybody is looking for), but you might be able to talk it into working..
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Best answer: I use customizegoogle, which is a Firefox extension. It has a lot of options including filtering specific search results.
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I've had good results with "-wikipedia -encylopedia -gfdl". You lose all the other encyclopedias and GFDL-licensed documents but that's not much.
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Best answer: I just ran into the answer last night: somewhere on the Wikipedia special pages lies a common-built list of sites that mirror Wikipedia content, laid out in the format of a block list for the customizegoogle extension. Here's the listing, but I can't find the formated list for customizegoogle.
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Best answer: Here's the CustomizeGoogle-ready list:
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