Fixing Pet Photos
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How can I fix dog "red eye." Well, its worse than red eye, the dog's eyes are completely gone and are replace with two glowing orange spheres. I've read some howtos on the subject of rendering eyes using simple photoshop tools, but that really isnt going to work. Anyone here experienced in digital photo manipulation want to fix this photo for me for a modest fee? Or know where I can get this service done cheaply?
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exorcise the dog, then re-take the photo.

you're welcome.
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I'll do it for free. Send it to the e-mail in my profile.
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if you have plenty of photos of your dog then maybe you can find one that closely matches the lighting, angle, etc of the pic you want to fix. copy and paste the eyes and then follow the tutorials to fine-tune them.
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vraxoin, would you mind outlining your technique or linking to a tutorial, if you know of one? I'd really appreciate knowing how to deal with my demon-eyed cat.
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I know for my needs it's enough to throw them into Photoshop, magnify then select the eye area (magnetic lasso is great for this), then Image>Adjustments>Desaturate or >Replace colour. It's not fancy, but it does a decent job.
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The technique I use is pretty simple. In Photoshop, go to the Channels palette and find the channel where the pupils are not lit--in people the is usually the green channel. Using the elliptical selection tool, with the green channel highlighted, select JUST the pupils of each eye, then feather the selection by one pixel to smooth it out. Then copy the selection and use the Paste Into command to paste it into both the red and blue channels.

This usually works like a charm, unless the glare from the eyes has blurred out of the pupils and is marring other parts of the eye or face. In that case, I can't help you.
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Use natural or ambient incandescent light, and leave the flash off.
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Gah, shit. Sorry, I missed the line about the euthanasia, skallas.

Prepend "Ideally, you'd..." to the above.
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To avoid "dog eye," use an external flash. You only get the problem when the flash is too close to the lens of the camera. Elevate the flash from the camera by even a few inches and the problem basically goes away.
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E-mail me the photo (aaron + twenty two in numerals at optonline dot net) (yeah, paranoid about address harvesting) and I'll see what I can do.
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Don't worry about e-mail harvesting. Our fearless leader has already dealt with the problem. If you put your e-mail address in your profile, it only displays for logged-in MeFi members.
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