How Much Is A Picture Worth?
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How much is a picture worth? I recently received an e-mail from a well known publisher of travel books. The e-mail was inquiring about a picture that I took that they would like to use for an upcoming publication. The publication will run for 2 years with an estimated print run of 50,000 copies. One of the questions asked is how much I would charge for them to use my picture. I am not a professional photographer so I have no idea how much I should charge. Some ideas or a point in the right direction would be appreciated.
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Answers to this previous question include some guidelines. $200 is a good standard (from my experience working in publishing). It also usually depends on how big the photo will be printed, which you don't mention.
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Now that I'm looking at my comment, $200 seems a little high for someone who's not a professional... let me just stand by my answer posted in the question I linked to.
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$150-300 seems about right to me.
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Just make sure you are not selling all rights, but limited rights to use in that run of the publication only.
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If you can, without tanking the deal, don't grant them the rights to use the photo in all media. If the image will be highly-associated with the publication, you can make extra money licensing them the rights to use it in electronic books, audio books (as the "album image") or if they want to use it on some television later developed from the publication.
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Do this...
Go over to one of the online stock photo sites, like Veer or Comstock. browse the collections for an image similar to yours. Now price it out. Be sure to plug-in all the usage/exclusivity variables that match what your publisher is planning. The result is what the stock photo guys will charge. that should give you a base to go on. Since you are not a pro, I would suggest you undercut the stock house.

Those prices are, of course, based on non-exclusive usage. If the publisher is asking for exclusive use (or an outright purchase), then you price should be adjusted upward.
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