Anyone remember this toy from the 80s?
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Help a geek find a long-lost favorite childhood storybook/gadget.

Fisher-Price made a series of storybooks and upon every page were small (yellow?) discs. There was a battery-operated device you'd place over the discs, and the device (through a kinematic inversion, the head would spin around and around over the stationary disc/page) would play the discs like a record. The pages were laminated (I think) and bound with a 'comb binding'. IIRC, it was called the 'Read-To-Me player'. I must've had 3 or 4 of these books (and the player) and I'd love to find some pictures, or better yet, one for sale. This would've been in the early 80's, or at least, that's when I played with it. I think one of the books was a Disney story of some kind.

L'il help?
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Con-sarnit. Not 10 minutes later and I find a graphic.

It's called the "Talk-To-Me" player, not "Read-To-Me"

anyone else have one of these as a kid?
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I remember having this.

I distinctly remember the Ghost Chasers one, and a Muppet Show book.

I seem to remember that when the batteries were running low in the player, it sounded a little spooky... and you could do a little amateur 5-year-old DJ-scratching if you manually turned the player... :)
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