Birthday gift for mid-20s guy
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I have no clue what to get my boyfriend of four years, who is turning 26 in two weeks. I’d like to give him something fun, like an experience, but all of the “experience” websites cost way more than I’m looking to spend. Here’s the details: we live in the DC/Baltimore area and he’s into piano, karate, and listening to jazz/funk music. Looking to spend less than $100, as I already bought a ticket to fly home with him for his birthday so he can see his family. Also, it has to be a “family-safe” gift since he will probably open it in front of them.
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If he is in to jazz/funk, why not give him some music CDs of related music? Say some of the nifty African music that is cousin to booth? The Rough Guide to World Music has some cool suggestions. (I'm used to the book, not the web site, which appears to have Foxfire issues).
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Take him to some music at The Strathmore, which is gorgeous. Went over big for my ex-gf's birthday.
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Tickets to see Ben Folds (with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra) at the Merriweather Post Pavillion? Ben is a genius on the piano, and puts on a highly entertaining show. Tickets are about $55 + fees.
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When you say "into karate" do you mean he takes classes and actively practices? If so, a couple of private lessons with the Sensei would probably go over extremely well, and cost about $100.
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If he is into Jazz how about some lessons on an instrument he has always wanted to play. Or if he plays an instrument, how about sheet music and lessons for you so you can play together.
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Tickets to an All Mighty Senators show, plus matching superhero outfits for the two of you. Wear your outfits out and about before and after the show. That'd be an "experience" in itself.
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Ken Burns' Jazz (DVD set). Costs about what your price range is, and it'll be deeply appreciated, because it's awesome.
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