Collapsing bridges in the movies
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MovieFilter: Movies or TV shows that have someone running across a bridge that's collapsing as they're crossing it. Perhaps at the end they make a final leap to safety. Rope, stone, wood , the material doesn't matter. Here's what I have so far...

Jurassic Park III
Fellowship of the Ring
Duck Tales
Van Helsing
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Temple of Doom
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Romancing The Stone (though if running is absolutely required, this might not qualify)
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SPOILER below:

"King Kong", the 1933 version. Men run across a natural bridge -- a tree that has fallen across a chasm. Kong picks up the tree and shakes it. I haven't seen the Jackson remake, so I don't know if it's in that version too. I did see the 70s version, but happily I've blocked it out.
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Uncommon Valor
Saving Private Ryan

In both movies the bridge is in fact being blowed up

Also, can't remember the name, but maybe the Clooney/Kidman movie with the stolen nuke?
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I believe an episode of the Simpsons had this? I'm sure someone here knows which one specifically.
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THE SORCERER has an AMAZING bridge scene with heavy trucks carrying nitroglycerin having to drive across a rope bridge in the middle of the jungle.

What's better than a truck that's about to explode making a final leap to safety?
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Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring.
Possibly several episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess (don't know specifics).

This is a major phobia of mine. I had my head buried under my arm during that scene in LOTR.
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And in Stand By Me the kids were running across a bridge from a train, if that qualifies...
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the episode of South Park where they kill Chef.
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derail: that thing about true lies is actually a myth. They used a miniature.
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I believe an episode of the Simpsons had this? I'm sure someone here knows which one specifically.

Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo

(I feel like there are others, too, but I'm not positive.)
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Ice Age -- where they're running away from the volcano over the ice "bridge".

And True Lies doesn't meet the criteria for the question anyway. The bridge isn't collapsing and the actor isn't running away!

the Clooney/Kidman movie with the stolen nuke?

Peacemaker. Though I don't remember any bridge part.
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Mothman Prophecies, based on a real-life bridge collapse.
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The Mothman Prophecies? I don't remember precisely if people are running, but there is a really cool/scary bridge collapse right at the end.
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I, Robot when hes in the house schedualed for demolition.
Shrek is a good one, because they kind of exaggerate it a bit..
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I'm sure Alias has done it at least once, but I don't remember specifics.
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It's been awhile since I've seen it, but I believe that Gunga Din has a scene like this.
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Bridge on the River Kwai. I think there were people on the bridge when it collapsed; they were running but they weren't the protagonists.
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The Librarian

Main characters walk 1/2 way across a dilapidated wooden (trestle) bridge over a waterfall deep in a jungle. One almost falls through and gets pulled back to safety. The bridge then starts collapsing from the starting point and the main characters run towards the finishing point & jump the last bit to a safe landing.
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Aliens vs Predator
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Thomas and the Magic Railroad has a gripping denouement as Lady is being pursued by Diesel 10 and the aqueduct crumbles and falls just as she crosses. Diesel 10 of course falls into a barge full of manure.
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Best collapsing bridge footage ever is of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge tearing itself apart. Some of the footage has people & cars still on the bridge.
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White Water Summer - He is not exactly running across, but it is colapsing while crossing.
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Sorcerer- has Tangerine Dream soundtrack.
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I think Goonies, but not sure.
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"Some of the footage has people & cars still on the bridge."

I'm pretty sure that the only person on the bridge after they closed it, long before it collapsed, was a reporter from the local newspaper (or at least he was the last person on the bridge). And I'm thinking that he was actually on the bridge when it started breaking up. He and a photographer, maybe? Those 20 foot (or whatever those extreme ones were) oscillations only happened right at the end.

Anyway, I don't recall footage of this guy and anyone with him on the bridge existing, though I could be wrong.
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Update: there's weird contradictions in the various reports of the bridge's collapse. The wikipedia entry says that Leonard Coatsworth was the last man on the bridge but doesn't say that he was a Tacoma News Tribune newspaper reporter. He's mentioned in conjunction with his dog, "Tubby", who died in the collapse of the bridge that day, in Coatsworth's abandoned car.

At least one source I read said that the bridge was closed 30 minutes prior to its collapse, which would indicate what I had remembered from previously reading about this that Coatsworth was allowed on the bridge in his capacity as a reporter. However, his own account of his experience that appeared in the News Tribune makes it sound as if the bridge was open and he attempted to drive across it thinking it was safe and he wasn't there as a reporter. And his account includes a reference to another man crawling on his hands and knees trying to get off the bridge right before it collapsed.

But a problem with this is that all these other reports talk about Tubby and specifically that a bridge worker first tried to get back to Tubby to rescue him, but that a Professor who was there observing the bridge actually made it to Tubby but got his hand bitten for his troubles. A photo of this appeared in the paper the next day. However, the way that Coatsworth tells the story, he left Tubby in the car, crawled his way to safety, and then the bridge collapsed.

I don't trust his account at all because it contradicts in several ways some other authoritative accounts and I'm inclined to believe that his article takes liberties with the truth that would today be unthinkable but then might have been routine.

So, hell, I don't know if there are films showing people scrambling to get off the bridge as it collapses. Sure doesn't sound like what I knew before just now from reading about the bridge. The snippet of foot that you see often from the longer 22 minute film doesn't show much, certainly no people. But there's a longer clip available online and at the wiki that I'm about to watch when the download completes.
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Why does The Long Kiss Goodnight stick out in my mind? Wasn't there an exploding bridge scene in that movie?
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Coronado, a fairly bad 2003 release, includes scene wherein a wooden bridge falling to pieces while the protagonists attempt to cross.
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I guess the opposite of this would be when magneto Built the bridge as he was crossing it in the first X-Men.
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I seem to remember a collapsing bridge in The Librarian: Quest for the Spear.
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"The Lost World" (silent film, 1925)
"Around the World in Eighty Days" (1956)

1941 documentary/studio advertisement called "You Can't Fool a Camera" is supposed to have a special effects example/scene of escaping a bridge collapse.

And if those are too obscure, a coworker just told me "Mission Impossible III" has one.

Luck on finding what you need! Be safe.
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Hollywood, continued:
  • Apocalypse Now — village bridge blown up during helicopter assault.
  • Fortress — In a fight, Christopher Lambert and another prisoner are trapped on the end of a high catwalk as the evil warden retracts it under their feet.
  • Gee Whiz-z-z-z-z-z-z — Trying to fool the Roadrunner into stopping, the Coyote paints a false front across the road (showing a collapsed bridge over a ravine). The Roadrunner breaks right through the canvas and continues on his way: the Coyote takes off after him and falls into the painted ravine.
  • It Came From Beneath The Sea — Fed up with traffic noise, Ray Harryhausen's giant six-tentacled octopoid (cut back from eight to reduce stop-motion animation time), demolishes the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • The Man with the Golden Gun — OO7 jumps an AMC Hornet (in a 360º spin) across a broken bridge.
Great game, this trivial pursuit...
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"Peacemaker: Though I don't remember any bridge part."

A truck was about to fall off the side of a mostly intact bridge and Clooney leapt to safety on top of a nuke-in-a-box which was attached to a cable suspended from a helicopter. Yes, please, shoot me.
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Toy Story 2 found Buzz Lightyear in Zerg's lair, crossing a bridge made of floating discs that collapsed beneath him (each step he took played a note from Also sprach Zarathustra!)
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Does Star Wars count? The bridge doesn't exactly collapse (Luke blasts the controls so it can't be extended) but he and Leia have to swing to safety.
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The opening theme of Ducktales! You guys simply must remember such things!
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