Restaurants in Mendocino, CA
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Looking for a nice restaurant in Mendocino, CA

I'm getting married in 2 weeks and we're spending one night in Mendocino, CA for our honeymoon. We'd like to find a nice restaurant to eat at. We don't want to get dressed up and don't really want to spend more than $100. Any suggestions? We'd love links to websites with menus. We're also open to just about any type of cuisine.
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It's Medocino, so you never have to dress up. I have had great meals at Mendo Bistro in Fort Bragg. You can also get out for under $100.

Chapter & Moon, also in Fort Bragg, was simply delightful -- whimsical, warm, good food. I don't see a web site, but here's an
SF Chronicle article.
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Several great places up here. Certainly Mendo Bistro is always good.

A B&B with a restaurant called the Victoria Dining Room, about 30 mins S of Mendocino, is also excellent.

Rendezvous Restaurant and Cafe Beaujolais are both great, especially the latter ... wonderful local sturgeon and other fish. Good wines too, as the name suggests.
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Cafe Beaujolais (sp?) is fantastic. Book it now.
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I've heard great things about Mendo Bistro as well. They are famous for their crab cakes, but the whole menu is supposed to be excellent. Congratulations on the wedding!
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A little ways down the road from Mendocino is the Albion River Inn and Restaurant. The restaurant is very, very good, with a lovely view of the water, and menus are available online. I wouldn't show up in shorts, but basic casual clothes would be fine.
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Cafe Beaujolais, definitely. They used to have breakfast, which was *the best*. Not sure if they have it anymore, though.
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The Dining Room at St. Orres in Gualala is very nice in a very interesting setting.
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The Ravens at the Stanford Inn fed me the very best food that I've ever eaten. I went there for dinner on my honeymoon, so I can tell you it is a suitably romantic and memorable setting. My wife and I liked it so much that we returned a bit over a year later to stay at the Inn. We had breakfast and dinner at the Ravens every day of our stay. As with most of Mendocino, you can dress as formally or casually as you like. Have fun on the honeymoon!
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Oh! I totally forgot about St. Orres. I can't imagine you'll find better food anywhere on the coast, except for maybe Deetjen's down in Big Sur. St. Orre's is w/o a doubt one of the finest restaurants in northern CA and I have very much enjoyed my meals there. I didn't mention it earlier because it's not exactly in Mendocino.
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Moosse Cafe comes highly recommended from my sweetheart, who used to work there.

I also love St. Orres. Personal experience was fabulous, as we went during mushroom hunting season and were treated to unexpected and rare fungi with our meal. The architecure at St. Orres shouldn't be missed, and the dining environment was truly astounding.
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Rendevous, next to the Grey Whale Inn in Fort Bragg. One of the best restaurants in the area. Don't miss it.
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I heard good things about The Ravens, too.
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