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What's a good product for repairing sun damage to one's scalp?
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Aloe vera, calamine lotion and hydrocortisone usually work.

You can find 'em over the counter.
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Let me clarify. It's not sunburn but the skin damage that resulted from years of sunburns. I've seen cosmetic companies make claims about their products rejuvinating damaged skin. Anyone have success with one of these products?
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Skin formulas containing at least 10% pure Vitamin C will treat sun damaged skin over a course of time. However it is expensive to use pure product. Don't waste your time or money on cheap products that simply include Vitamin C. I use products by Nu Skin and Perricone. I have also used Kinerase for the last three years with excellent results. But if you want a more immediate result I would try a laser treatment called fotofacial . About a year ago I had a series of five fotofacial treatments on my face for sun damage. It cost $1000 but was well worth it.
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a hat.
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What sgt.serenity said.

I recently had a lump cut from the side of my face and now know first hand just how important it is to protect yourself from the sun at all times. It is amazing how much has to be hacked off to remove a tiny spot. I have spoken to a few doctors about repairing sun-damaged skin and the answer has always been the same - you only get one skin and any repair work for sun damage that is possible (excluding surgery) will happen naturally over time. Almost all of the potions and unguents pushed on us by the cosmetic company are good at helping the general condition of your skin, but useless at repairing damage once it has occurred.

Seriously, sgt.serenity is right - a hat, sunscreen and sensible clothes are the only way to prevent sun damage because it generally cannot be fixed after the fact.
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