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Unique group date idea for Saturday night in Wilmington, NC

It's 2006, and I've finally stumbled upon a girlfriend. This weekend my best friend and his Fiancee are coming to visit us in Wilmington North Carolina so they can meet her. Our other best friend is also going to be in town later that night, and may want to join in on the festivities.

Saturday night around 6pm the 4 (or possibly 6) of us want to go on some unique double date. I'm talking about wacky stuff that is both fun and incredibly memorable, like they do on the tv show Blind Date.

Wilmington is on the beach, and has a pretty lively night life.

The only restraints are:
- Must happen at 7pm, and we have to be home by 10pm
- Accommodates 4 people
- One of the girls is a not a big risk taker
- We're kinda poor so under $100 per couple is best

- Flexible enough that 2 more people can join us at the last minute (or possibly just 1?)

Whatcha think, Hivey?
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Minigolf. The Internets claim there are two courses in Wilmington. It's harmless fun, there's standing around time where are least three people will have a chance to talk. If you must include alcohol drunk minigolf (act sober when getting the golfing supplies) is far more fun than it should be. There's probably a cheesy arcade attached to one or both of the places, good potential to act manly and win an overpriced teddy bear while kicking the shit of of good friends at Skee-Ball. etc.
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The "home by 10" thing is pretty hard to work around, especially because you'll have to figure 30 minutes or so to get home. Is that absolutely non-negotiable? Can you start earlier?

One fun idea would be to start at home, get a whole bunch of exotic fruit and other finger foods, and have a blindfolded dinner. You'd be amazed how much it heightens your other senses when you can't depend on your eyes. The girls will think it's romantic, and it's great fun to feed each other.

Have everything set out in bowls, Use tumblers instead of wineglasses, have the lights off, and only soft music if any at all.

NPR had a good segment on blind dinners.
Also here's the website for LA's Opaque and the original BlindeKuh.
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Response by poster: Actually lets consider the rules flexible because we can always try to do something fun Sunday morning/afternoon.

The blind dinner idea is pretty neat, I definitely want to do it sometime. But I'm only 1 week into the relationship and I would want all 4 of us to be completely comfortable around each other before doing something like that.
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If you go with Sunday morning/afternoon, and you don't mind spending an hour in the car each way, head down to Myrtle Beach and spend an afternoon at the Pavilion. All-day ride passes are $25 each, or if you're more into fairway games, you can get individual ride tickets or skip them, and it's free to enter the park.

It's their last season, and it's like a permanent carnival more than it's like other theme/amusement parks I've been to. Ripley's Believe it or Not is right across the road, too (literally).
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