What are some good books about the international arms trade?
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What are some good books about the international arms trade? Nonfiction or informative fiction, please.
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"A Quick and Dirty Guide to War" by Jim Dunnigan and Austin Bay
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Illicit: How Smugglers, Traffickers and Copycats are Hijacking the Global Economy has a good chapter on arms smuggling. Not sure if you were interested in the criminal side of the trade though.
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I'm sorry, I should have specified: I am absolutely interested in the criminal side.

Black market, gray market, legit, whatever. Especially small arms.
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I assume you have seen "God of War"

not a book. But one of my faveorite Nick Cage movies.
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Frederick Forsythe touches on smuggling arms for mercs hired to overthrow a small African nation in "The Dogs of War" (fiction)
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Movie should be Lord of War. I have a vague memory that it's based on a book or an article, but can't pin it down. Probably I'm wrong.

This got good reviews, albeit non-fiction, and only in part what you're interested in.

Hard to go wrong with Eric Ambler, dated though he is. His Passage of Arms is a slight book, but readable.

Good question, by the way.
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(Sorry, missed PinkStainlessTail. Clearly time to call it a night.)
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Strictly speaking it's more about the financing of terrorism, but Terrorism Incorporated, which I'm reading at the moment, has lots on the financial intricacies of the small arms trade, especially the illegal/criminal side.
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Ditto Terrorism Incorporated. I heard the author speak once, extremely interesting woman.
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