Something in my house is causing my wife and I to itch. What could it be?
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Something in my house is causing my wife and I to itch. What could it be?

This has been for about a week. We are both itching regularly at the house, and it continues sometimes while I am away at work. The general feeling is like this: you know when you walk through a spider web, and then remove it by brushing it away. But then for a couple of minutes afterwards you get tiny brief itches here and there where pieces of the web maybe remained...or maybe its kind af a freaky "there might be a spider on me" itch. Well, it feels like that. Nowhere specific on the body, and its not incessant, meaning that once you itch the spot its gone.

We have not changed laundry detergents or soaps, there is no sign of a single flea on our cats or in our carpets. What else could it be?
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I didn't see anything about red marks left on your skin. Without those I'd be much more inclined to think your skin is dry, even if it isn't flaky. Have you started using a new AC system lately?

Try moisturizer on your arms and see if the itches stop.
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Did something just come into bloom outside the house?
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I have mild dust and mold allergies, and I get this a lot. It's probably a good idea to sweep, vacuum, and launder sheets and towels. Even if you generally keep a tidy house, starting from a clean slate will help you target allergens/irritants.
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If it is mold, you'll want to be sure your house isn't too humid; has it gotten humid recently? Do you need a dehumidifier?
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No red spots or bumps of any sort. We don't have A/C, we live north of SF where the weather is quite temperate. I have terrible seasonal allergies but my wife does not. As far as blooming, we have grass and flowers but we do that every year and have never had this.

We did wash the sheets and no night itching for a day, but then since then its gotten a little bit more back to how it was before we washed them.

Our house doesn't tend to get humid. We open the windows a lot since ti is warm out now, which should keep it dry. Also, most fo the house is hardwood floors, except the bebrooms which have a thin type of carpet.
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Eaten any new foods lately? Maybe it's some kind of food allergy.
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Trolls, definitely trolls
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...we live north of SF where the weather is quite temperate.

The cottonwoods just went into bloom around here. Their pollen is distributed in 'cottonballs' that look like a delicate snowfall when the sun's angle is just right to highlight it. If that stuff has come inside , walking around could be sending the particles into the air, causing that contact sensation. Vacuum and dust like crazy, make sure the A/C filter is clean, and check that all window/door screens are intact.

If the itch is annoying, maybe also do a pre-emptive application of cortisone.
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believe it or not, my son has been wigged itchy by low frequency noises, like the hum of appliances
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believe or not, my son would get itchy from low frequency noises like the hum of appliances
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It seems unlikely that airborn allergens would cause your skin to itch without causing redness or swelling (in other words, a rash.)

Any chance you both began taking prescription or over-the-counter meds recently? Perhaps for allergies, acid stomach, etc? I only ask because this is a common cause of itching that seems to come out of nowhere. There are additives and preservatives in all meds, and some of them cause itchiness in some people. I have personally had to give up Pepcid and an asthma med for this reason; others I know are allergic to pain meds or certain vitamin tabs.

Just a thought. Hope you find an answer.
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Talk to a dermatologist. Is it getting worse over time? Is it bad between your fingers?

I had scabies once and it was itching hell. A dermatologist should be able to rule this out for you and probably point you in the right direction.
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I just take a Vit B-12 if I itch and it usually goes away. You don't have to take them the rest of your life, just for a day or two.
That's only for non-specific, unknown origin kinds of itches.
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I don't have an answer, but I'm dying to know how many MeFites suddenly started scratching when reading the original query.

I've got itches popping out all over now.
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