PureVision contact lenses: better than the competition?
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Have you worn PureVision contact lenses? Do they really "combine breathtaking clarity with incredible health and comfort," and would you recommend them?

I've worn soft contact lenses for 20 years and Acuvue 2s for at least the past 5 years. Now that silicone hydrogels are becoming more popular and are supposedly much better for allowing oxygen to your eyes, my optometrist has suggested I give them a try. This makes sense to me, but I'm having a hard time finding the right ones.

I tried Acuvue Advance, but they felt slimy and my vision wasn't so crisp after a few days. Then I tried O2 Optix, which dried out within hours and were so painful that I threw them away. Now I'm wearing PureVision, which seem to be working out nicely: they're comfortable and I can see. I find them thicker and more difficult to handle than the other brands. They're more expensive than the others, but they're monthlies rather than 2-week lenses. (You can sleep in them, but I don't intend to.) I've had them for 2 weeks so far, so I don't yet know if they'll actually last 30 days.

Have you tried PureVision (warning: sound)? What was your experience? Are they worth the additional cost? (And why are they more expensive than all the other brands?) I realize that in theory the expense balances out since they're monthlies, but I always seem to have an uneven amount of lenses because of a past rip or tear. So there's another question: are they durable?

The optometrist says that I can always go back to the Acuvue 2s, but that soon the silicone hydrogels will be ubiquitous and the 2s will eventually be discontinued. I'm leaning towards the PureVision but would prefer to find out any drawbacks now rather than later. Any and all thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
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Well, I don't know if this perspective helps but I've used Acuvue 2 lenses for the past 6-7 years and am absolutely happy with them... I can't imagine upgrading to anything else short of a lens pair that I can just put in and forget about until I go into the grave. The reality of new lenses may not be as cool as the marketing wants you to believe.. YMMV of course.
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I got contacts for the first time ever about 2 months ago, and my doctor recommended PureVision. I have nothing to compare them to, but I have one toric lens, which means it's thicker than normal, and I have had no problems, I can wear them comfortably all day.

Being new to contacts and nervous, I clean them pretty throughly at night and haven't had any tears yet (but then, I'm only on my second set).
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I've been using PureVisions for a few weeks now (having worn other contacts before).

They are not very durable -- I tore a trial pair, although now I know to handle them more delicately.

They are as clear as my previous set (i.e. I get 20/20), but towards the end of the day, my eyes still feel dry. Although one is allowed to leave them in for 30 days, I take mine out nightly.
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I've been wearing Focus 'Night & Day' for 4 years now for up to 5-6 weeks, sleeping in them, taking them out overnight once a week or so, without problems. I wore Acuvue2 before that, which were apparently not letting enough oxygen in my eyes, which would have caused problems had I continued wearing them. No experience with the "PureVision" brand though.
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I wear them for months at a time. They are the best I've ever used. Like Defcon, I use to wear the Johnson and Johnson Acuvue, but these are really effortless.
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Sorry, the "Night and Day" is what I wear now, exactly as defcon does.
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I've been using the toric PureVisions for a month or so. I sleep with them in and they're fine. Occassionally my eyes feel dry but eye drops and/or cleaning them takes that away.
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On a slightly off-topic point, I'd recommend taking them out at night if at all possible regardless of how often the packaging and an optometrist tell you that they're safe for 24 hour wear. After reading several accounts from people with nasty infections or ulcerated corneas I'm very cautious about leaving contacts in for extended periods.
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I haven't tried the PureVision, but my eye doc just gave me the O2 Optix and I had the SAME exprience, they KILLED. I am wondering if he's trying to sell them to me b/c they're twice as expensive as my current lenses (made by occular sciences - i think i may have spelled ocular wrong, sorry).
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My opthamologist informed me that although the FDA has approved PureVision lenses to stay in for 30 days, the risk of an eye infection is still lower if one takes them out at night.
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Focus Night and Days for the last 5 years. Wear them until they bother me, then toss 'em(usually more than a month). Never take them out other than that. I suspect my tears may contain some natural super anti-bacterial agent.

I may have leather eyes(have sanded drywall ceilings many times while wearing contacts), and have been wearing soft lenses for 30 years.
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My optometrist just set me up with Acuvue Advantages (silicone hydrogel) after two years of wearing Focus 55's (methafilcon A).

Oh my God. They are SO much better. Suddenly I understand how people could sleep in a contact lens - because these don't feel like they've transformed into red hot sandpaper lenses after 12 or even 16 hours in my eye!

The moral of this story is:

a) Everyone's eye is different, so recommendations from other people, who presumably own different eyes, may not apply to you.

b) Your eye's comfort should be your guide. If a certain lens or solution is more comfortable, use it.

c) Do not sleep in your lenses.
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In case you're still checking this, I have an update from my eye doctor -- he just gave me Acuevue Oasys, which are supposed to have the same oxygen benefits as Purevision and O2 Optix, and so far, they feel very nice and light (can't even notice that they're there).
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