Rashes that look like famous people...
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Ok, so I have this rash...[more inside]

and, get this, it's a spitting image of Bill Clinton. Well, more like a Clinton caricature. Imagine this in rash form. I'd post a picture, but its a little to clost to my, um, nether regions.

Now this isn't the first time that I've encountered a famous person on another person's body. Not too long ago my friend's cousin banged her leg against a coffee table and got a nasty bruise. When I saw it, I noticed that it bore a striking resemblance to Jesus. I called my friend over and, after laughing for a few minutes, he said that he agreed. His cousin said that she didn't see it, but she runs into coffee tables, so what does she know? My friend took a picture for posterity's sake, maybe I can get him to upload it somewhere and I can post it later.

Anyhow, this got me wondering: has anyone else ever had a weird sighting like this? I can't be the only one that this happens to. Also, on a somewhat related but less important note, should I be worried about this rash? Are Clintonesque rashes more virulent than the normal kind?
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Do you really have a rash? Could be anything from prickly heat to contact dermatitis to heaven knows what. If you are taking any prescription meds have it looked at because rarely you can get a rash that can kill you if not caught early. I am dead serious. (Lamictal is one but there are other meds that have this admittedly rare risk.
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> Are Clintonesque rashes more virulent than the normal kind?

On the contrary -- Clinton-esque rashes are often followed by Gore-esque rashes, which, as we all know, don't last very long.
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Seriously folks -- have you changed laundry detergents recently? It could be an allergic reation.
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Response by poster: No, I'm not taking any prescription medication and no change in laundry detergent either. I'm not too worried about it. Nothing some Gold Bond and loose-fitting pants can't fix.

rashes can kill you? holy crap!
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Clinton in your pants? You probably have a case of Lewinskyitis. Remove the cigar, and everything should clear up nicely.
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The holy spirit is communicating through you. Have any cravings for holy water lately...?

If it itches - topical Benadryl. Tablet form, too, if you need help sleeping :-)

If not gone (or significantly diminished) within ~7 days, see a doc.
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Why I Love the Web #276: I googled "Clinton Rash" and found the following: 1 2 3

Now, what do you MeFites recommend for hemorrhoids that act up when I hear Bush's voice?
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Just Another Face in the Crowd
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Preparation H. Ross Perot.
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Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
(The fun rash I was telling you about.)
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Response by poster: Just Another Face in the Crowd

I dunno, looks more like Colonel Sanders to me.

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

Rashes in the shape of ex-presidents does not appear in the list of symptoms. That's a load off my back.
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If you honestly want to know about your rash, you should begin with: is there any accompanying sensation? When did you first notice it? Is it warm, cold, or painful to the touch? Any nausea or vomitting? Ad infinitum...

Or for a completely computer based diagnosis, try Dxplain.
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Reminds me of the time Mark at BoingBoing posted a photo of his rash to get a diagnosis. Everyone had their amateur opinion; it turned out to be a ringworm infection.

Seriously, rashes can be symptoms of really ugly stuff. I had a friend who ignored a rash that later turned out to be Lyme Disease that laid her up in bed with partial paralysis for months. If it doesn't visibly diminish in size and irritation tomorrow, go to a doctor and get it diagnosed by a professional. Don't fuck around with the usual gang of idiots on AskMeFi. You'll feel better if they tell you it's nothing to worry about, and you'll feel lucky and glad to be alive if they tell you that they caught something serious in time to cure it.
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Family Doctor has a handy set of "self care flow charts" where you can search by symptom. There are dozens, including one on skin rashes and other changes.
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