Title Cards from Silent Films
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Looking for examples of title cards from silent films, and the fonts used thereof.

I need some examples of the white-on-black title cards that explain the action in silent films, and suggestions for suitable (preferably free) fonts that are used on them. Also suggestions for quick and easy ways to create the squiggly borders (in photoshop) and other decorations that such cards had. Many thanks.
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I can't really help with the font ID part of the question, but have you tried poking around in the Prelinger Archive for examples and inspiration? They have tons and tons of old footage and all of it is free to download and reuse in any way, as it is public domain.
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I don't have Photoshop here so I can't check but I think some of the standard autoshapes could be used for the squiggly borders with a bit of tweaking.
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Response by poster: Thanks - the Archive is great. I should have specified that I'm looking specifically for cards used in drama as opposed to newsreel - Chaplin style etc.
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For the squigly borders you are most likely looking for Adobe Wood Type, basically a more traditional version of wingdings that will have those arabesques and embelleshments. For the typeface itself I would suggest Bodoni, simply because it looks like it would fit.
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