Why has the sun god abandoned LA?
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Is it just me, or has 2006 in Los Angeles been extraordinarily foggy and overcast? And if I'm right, is there an explanation? Something about jetstreams or low-pressure systems in the Indian Ocean or maybe butterflies?
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I don't know about "extraordinarily" foggy -- it's felt pretty much like the usual June gloom that descends every year, but in this case about a month or so early.
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San Diego is the same. I haven't ever noticed it being as "non-stop" overcast before.
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When I was a kid we called it the "June Gloom," and it often took up bits of both May and June. Now that I live in Portland I call it AutumnWinterSpring... ;)
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See: May Grey/June Gloom
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Global warming.

Somebody had to say it
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