Alternatives to SourceForge?
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Alternatives to SourceForge?

Our open source project has been using SourceForge for project hosting for the past few years. The last 6 months, maybe more, have been real painful. CVS is down a lot, and when it's up, its behavior is quirky (segfaults, missing history, etc.). We're concerned about having all our code stored in an unreliable place.

I noticed there is, and GNU Savannah. Are there others we should be looking at? Which is the best of them?
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You can get a hosting deal with a company that supports Ruby on Rails. Try using Collaboa.

Collaboa is a project tracker, inspired by Trac. Plugging directly into Subversion, it currently sports: a repository browser and changeset viewer, a lightweight ticketing system for tracking bugs etc. (more things are planned for the future). It’s still in the early stages of development, but perfectly usable and self-hosted.
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Were I to set up an OSS project today, I'd host it myself. For $10/mo, Dreamhost will get you a website with MySQL (there's your project website, news blog, wiki, forums, bug tracker and so on), Subversion for revision control, mailing lists, a bunch of shell accounts and email addresses for your developers -- pretty much all you'd need. And you're not counting on a team that doesn't know you exist to maintain it for you, and you get a place to host personal stuff at the same time.

It doesn't give you multiplatform build farms and so forth, but I don't think most SourceForget users use those.
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Response by poster: Hehe... we actually take advantage of the compile farm today. Our app builds on at least a half dozen platforms, so it's nice to have access to that.

Thanks for the tips so far.
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