Does MS Access have Triggers?
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I'm using Microsoft Access 2003, SP2. Does it come with triggers and procedures? I searched Help, and it says trigger is only available to Access project. What's Access project? Help please.
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I think an Access Project file (.adp) involves connecting to an instance of Microsoft SQL Server, so presumably the triggers are part of SQL server not Access.
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Are you trying to avoid VBA code and macro's ? If so, you may want to consider the idea of a SQL server back end.

Otherwise, I think you are stuck with using VBA code/macro/forms to sort-of simulate a trigger. You can't have something that will execute everytime a certain table is updated... but you can have the code on a form, and have it execute every time that table is updated through your form using whatever appropriate events.

What are you trying to do exactly?
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hi utsutsu, I'm trying to write a trigger to update column X with computation everytime I insert a new record. I guess I can't do that with Access alone, like what matthewr said. thank you guys.
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If you want field X to change everytine you add a record, you have two options. First, this sounds like the kind of thing that can or should be done with a query post hoc. Alternatively, if you absolutely have to change your table values, you can create a form in Access to handle your data entry and use a macro and VBA code to do just about anything to your table(s) in response to the user's actions.
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Don't consider Access, if you want to make a real database. It is that simple.
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to add just a bit: SQL Server 2000 and 2005 come in freely downloadable versions (for 2000 it's called Desktop Edition, and 2005 has Express Edition). both of these can be accessed from Access and Excel (if need be) and support triggers and views and all that neat stuff. there are (obviously) some limitations to what both of those can do, but if you're trying to stick with Access anyway my bet is you won't hit 'em. (and if you do you can move up to a for-pay copy of the product.)
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