What's that stuff that is said in Mishima?
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Does anyone know off the top of their head what Mishima says about exercise? I'm talking about the 1985 film by Paul Schrader. The scene I'm talking about is when he's using a sort of rowing machine and you see him topless.


Sorry, it's a somewhat lame question but the film isn't very available to me presently. If you haven't seen it I would have to recommend it !
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Ah well, can't blame anyone for not replying to this one.
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i have this movie on DVD, but the DVD version has different narration than the VHS/film version. so i'm not sure the words will be exactly the same. i'll have to go fish it out of my collection to check.

if i remember correctly it was probably something along the lines of "heaven must be a terrible place, with all the old and weak people there... i am going to die beautiful"
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(and he did, too)
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well, i just watched it. i think its the only such scene in the movie. he doesnt say anything about exercise per se, but he does say at some point "i saw that beauty and ethics were one in the same. creating a beautiful work of art and becoming beautiful oneself are identical."

is that it? i was wrong about the dying beautiful line; that must have been elsewhere in the movie.
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Herm, I think I'll have to rewatch it. Thanks though!
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