Looking for women's work (farm) pants
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Where are the women/femmes/big butt folks buying outdoor work pants these days? I used to buy Duluth Trading Co firehose pants, but their materials are getting increasingly stretchy and all the current ones have cargo pockets. In the past I've tried carhartts, but my belly and butt don't fit in them comfortably. Pants from the men's section never fit comfortably, either because they are made for slim hips or the zipper is super long.

I'm looking for:
- double knee (I kneel a lot)
- straight or slim leg
- heavy duty with minimal stretch
- fits wider hips
- has thigh pockets to put a pruner in
- not overalls

Thank you!
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Best answer: Have you tried anything from Dovetail?
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Best answer: I used to recommend carhartt but my men’s version of these have lasted soooo much longer.

They don’t have the thigh pockets you requested but the rear pockets are large and easily accessible so I use them for pruning shears etc.
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Just to confirm, have you tried Duluth Trading Co's "men's" pants? Very specifically their relaxed fit carpenter Fire Hose ones, though they lack the double knee.

Otherwise, I have a pair of "curvy" trekking tights from Fjällräven that fit so well I'd at least be willing to try on their structured pants/trousers as a prelude to searching for someone selling theirs cheaper.
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Dovetail didn’t fit me well but I know farmers who wear them.

I switched to overalls when my last pair of Carharrts-before-they-straightened-the-women’s-cut pants wore out. (That pair is in my mending pile to take a pattern off someday, hah.).

Even overalls are too likely to have spandex. I found one Dickies cut that’s all cotton, and predictably lasting better than a Dickies pair of stretch fabric. And today, hot, I’m in a really lightweight crinkle-woven cotton overall that I think was meant to be Fashion not Work but the pockets are holding up.
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Carhartt jeans have a different cut from the twill pants that's wider in the waist but still has minimal stretch (1% spandex). They're my go-to work pant. Available with double knees and thigh pocket. I don't feel like they're cut for an especially curvy figure, but worth a shot?
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Best answer: Red Ants Pants

and seconding shopping the mens Carhartt section-- I honestly find they fit me better, and DEFINITELY last longer.
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Best answer: I recently got this pair of Kühl pants to replace old Carhartts. They meet your criteria, I think -- I find them curvier than Carhartts. They are a very thick fabric, but I think they will soften up as they break in and they will certainly be durable.
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