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I purchased a new foam mattress. Now I need the perfect bed setup. Would love your help, please see specifications below.

Yay! I bought a new mattress. (T&N Mint, in case you're curious).

-At least 12" of underbed clearance without using risers. Happy to go higher as I like a higher bed height overall.
-Black metal with bars
-Tall headboard (over 45") and footboard (over 35")
-Slatted with less than 5" between slats per mattress manufacturer. I would consider a bed with no or bigger slats but would need to understand what is needed to supplement bc I don't really understand box springs vs foundation vs bunkie board combo necessary. I don't want to spend much extra though: under $100 for anything extra to accommodate a slat-less bed
-Would love to keep my spend of whatever new components I need (bed alone, bed + foundation or whatever) to under $300.
-I'm not interested in used as I have no way to transport. Must be delivered.

My current setup has the look and dimensions I want but is super old and falling apart/scratched (I'm not interested in repair) and also a crazy old boxspring that I'm trying to avoid replacing. I'm looking for something with "soft lines", not so industrial as many black metal beds seem to be.

I like this but a) not enough clearance under the bed (hugely important, I really don't want risers) b) I have no idea how much space is between the slats c) the footboard is shorter than I want.

I don't mind this. Good under bed clearance, but a) too much space between slats b) footboard and headboard a little short

This one is also okay. Great under bed clearance but again a) not sure about space between slats but eyeballing doesn't look like it's under the max and b) footboard too short. My mattress is 11" high and I want the footboard to clear at least 6 or so inches above the top of my mattress (I tend to kick things off at night and I don't want them to end up on the floor).

Are you a shopping sleuth? Do you know exactly what I'm looking for? Would love your help!
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Response by poster: I probably should add that I'd like at least ability to support 600lbs.
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Response by poster: Also, if I find the perfect slatted bed with too-big slates, can I put a foundation or bunkie board for added support? Too many options!
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Oley Double Wave Bed, Headboard (45.1") And Footboard (34.1") 16" clearance, 2,500 lb weight capacity, $220

Artima Bed, Headboard (50") and Footboard (27.8"), 12.4" clearance, 800lb weight capacity, $199

Payan Bed with Headboard (33.7") and Footboard (33.1"), 12.4" clearance, 800lb weight capacity, $170

Ajayceon Bed, Headboard (45.6") And Footboard (27.8") 12.4" clearance, 800lb weight capacity, $140
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Response by poster: Thanks for those! Unfortunately none confirm the under 5” between the slats requirement but doing some basic math shows they don’t, which is why I asked my second follow-up question. Thanks!
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I'm not sure a closer-together slat system is possible as a single purchase for under $300, given the other elements? When I was researching last year, I wound up with a Zinus Luis platform frame [an Ask MetaFilter brand rec, then @$130] that's really sturdy though most of its slats are about 6" apart. Clearance under the bed is 16 inches, allowing these Sterlite 64-gal totes. I also bought Zinus brackets [then @$20], to anchor an old, tall headboard. Zinus makes a full-sized roll-up bunkie board, and a metal version, which drop into a bed frame; this DMI narrower, flatter bunkie board is shown on a metal platform frame.
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If the distance between slats is the only issue, you can place plywood under the mattress, if you are able to either cut to size yourself or can find somewhere that will do that and deliver it. A base like that gives perfect support to a mattress and, in my experience, leads to the most comfortable bed possible.
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Wrong style, but otherwise KD beds meet your criteria. (You can even buy longer legs).
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