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I just got a ticket for parking at a commercial meter in NYC. Can I leave the car there for the rest of the day or do I need to move it?
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sorry, don't know about nyc, but I always leave an old ticket on my long as it looks fresh i've gone for stl btw
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My experience is that they'll keep giving you tickets. I've passed many multi-ticketed cars in NYC.
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It's a ticket, not a parking pass. They'll ticket you again in a couple of hours.
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In many places, the car will eventually be towed and impounded.
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Move it. Getting your car out of the impound lot is expensive and a drag. They will tow it.
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I'd move it. I'm not normally that cautious, but I've had to walk cross-town to the port authority and pay $185, so I might be extra wary because of it.
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Response by poster: It's moved.
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This makes me wonder: What rules stop a ticket cop from standing there, writing ticket after ticket, until you move your car?
Is there a window of time in which they can't write a new ticket?
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Corpus, I've been told, by a parking police person, there is no written rule, but generally they won't write them faster than one per hour.
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Corpus, it might depend on jurisdiction. I was told by a meter maid in Halifax, Nova Scotia that they could write one every hour.
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In NYC, we used to have the fact that tickets were written out by hand on our side, but as of our last parking violation, it appears that hand-scanners are being used and it's become ridiculously easy. On the plus side, the tickets are legible. However, if the rumored ticket-quotas are true, this could mean a lot of ticket agents standing around eating their doughnuts near naughty cars and just scanning again and again. In short, I'd move the danged car.
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They can and will issue multiple tickets. It depends on the metermaids-- some will, some won't. It's even tricker if you were to reach your car, just as a metermaid pulls into read the license plate, some might lecture to pull a powertrip but let you off. There are others who will finish the ticket and hand you one anyway.

I have some complaints of my own about these type of incidents. How far can they go with these tickets?

A few months ago, I had not only already pulled out of a spot, but was already 10 ft away and was driving away when the cop reached me and gave me a ticket. He stopped me and announced that I can wait and take the ticket, or receive one in the mail. I appealed in writing, but as it was my word against a cop, writing was insufficent;I was summoned to a hearing. Of course, the hearing is set for a time when I can't conveniently make it. Hours of my time for a $120 ticket. Just paid it. As to if this type of ticket issuing behaivor reasonable... it isn't, but it happens anyway.
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