Modern equivalent of framing business's first dollar?
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My spouse is opening a store! I love the tradition of framing the first dollar the business earns, but it's 2024, and the store will be cashless. What do new businesses do these days?
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Best answer: I think you have two funny options:

1) Frame a dollar. Any dollar. That's funny!

2) Frame your first check from your payment processor. Also funny!
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Take some kind of photo of the first sale you make?
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Best answer: Make the first sale to a friend and have them pay part of the cost with a symbolic dollar.
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Best answer: Can you print the first receipt twice and frame that?
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I have seen places frame the first receipt
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I've seen a first 5-star Google review framed.
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Screenshot! I'm opening my store in a couple of months and already plan to do this.
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Take a picture of your first customer holding their purchase!

I will never forget how hard I laughed at the picture of the first person to legally purchase recreational marijuana in California.
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Does the store have a website? A printed record of buying the domain might be a cool landmark.

I also think the random-dollar is a sweet idea. It's a cashless business, sure, but you and your spouse grew up knowing the significance of that framed dollar, I'd imagine. You can even go through the exercise of handing the framed dollar to your spouse during the first transaction that you ensure will be from you to supercharge it: first dollar and it was from you.
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We have an e-commerce store, so my wife and I took a photo of our first day's orders picked and staged to be shipped.
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