Chairs similar to Secretlab?
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I tried a friend’s Secretlab gaming chair, and it was one of the most comfortable things I’ve ever sat in. Better than a La-Z-Boy. I'm wondering if there are other brands that make ergonomic computer chairs that recline and are extremely comfortable and luxurious feeling?
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Herman Miller
posted by shock muppet at 8:42 AM on June 11

And steelcase.
posted by hlagol at 3:19 PM on June 11

Any reason you don't want a SecretLab chair? I recently switched to one, even though I'm not really a "gamer" per se. It was just the most comfortable chair in my budget. The Herman Miller/Steelcase etc chairs I tried weren't as comfortable, and were ~ $200 more.
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Response by poster: That's good to know, I do want a SecretLab chair but but since my budget only allows for secondhand, having similar brands to choose from would expand my options.
posted by wheatlets at 3:39 AM on June 12

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